sorting hat and what harry potter and company think of you.(girls only!!!)

by: HesterAntoniaDracolas
  1. 1

    you get your letter inviting you to Hogwarts what do you think?

  2. 2

    when you get on the train where do you sit?

  3. 3

    a boy approaches you and asks you to help him find his toad?

  4. 4

    which house do you want to be in

  5. 5

    you are sitting on the stool with the sorting hat on your hat who do you want to sit with?

  6. 6

    you are passing by the forbidden forest when you hear a scream what do you do?

  7. 7

    favourite colour

  8. 8

    who are you friends with?

  9. 9

    favourite teacher

  10. 10

    harry asks you to the yule ball.

  11. 11

    your favourite magical creature

  12. 12

    which shop out of diagon alley and hogsmeade

  13. 13

    harry asks you to join dumbledore's army you

  14. 14

    what do you think of draco

  15. 15

    what do you think of Hagrid

  16. 16

    will you comment?

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