who would fall for you part 12

who would fall for you part 12

by: Cristi_Much_Like_Falling

So we left off when u & Nathan went 2 the woods nxt 2 a lake and Nate made the first(his first)move and kissed u.OHH lets not forget that u guys went there flying!!!Then u came back at the house while Jonah was waiting 4u!!!!

  1. 1

    U guys landed infront of Jonah who was just watching u & staring angrily at Nate.How was ur flight?He ask still looking at Nate who was walking towards him.OMG its beautifull watching everything from

  2. 2

    Jonah smiled at u glad that u liked it.The door was open & Nate tried 2 pass Jonah but he stoped him puting his hand on Nates chest.The have almost the same hight & their were looking each others eyes

  3. 3

    We need 2 talk,Jonah said 2 Nate who just gave him an evil smirk,& then he turned 2u giving u a sexy smile & a wink!He looked again Jonah & left.Jonah looked over his shoulder & then u giving a smile!

  4. 4

    U stand infront of him,Is something wrong Jonah?u ask worried.I think u know,he said.I know that something happened i dont know what.(_) Jonah said looking right in2 ur eyes.

  5. 5

    ill tell u what but first i need 2 talk 2 Evan,till then w-he started but was cut off by Ian giving him a friendly hit at his back.Good morning guys!he said very happy.Good morning Ian u said smiling.

  6. 6

    Morning-Jonah said.Um Jonah im sorry i interrupted u i heard what u said about talking with Evan,he said taking a face like he did something bad,i really want u2 do that even u dint ask my opinion

  7. 7

    Thank u man,Jonah said.I dont know when,when is the time,he says looking down.Evans up,we all r,go now,now that we r all here just in case..ok Jonah said.Ian looked at him & then he turned 2u smiling.

  8. 8

    Sooo..i was..hoping we could do something 2day.What?u ask.I have a cool idea,u might like it,even though is more 4 men,he said.That is? u ask curious.Lets go see the garage,i want 2 show u r rides.

  9. 9

    U have rides??at magic realm??u thought.Yes,he said.Did he talked 2 him self?u thought again.No 2u.OK..is he reading my mind,u kept thinking 2 see if he did.Yes i did he says smiling.

  10. 10

    AAAHHH!!!!u scream!What?ur reading my mind.Yes i do.How?Well i can read peoples mind depending on their mood & emotional state,he replys.Creepy-yet COOL,u say excited.

  11. 11

    Lets go 2 the garage now,u say taking his hand.He smiles wide leading u.U walked 2 the garage witch was pretty far,its a huge house.Ian opened the door 4u.U got in & saw all kinds of tools on the wall

  12. 12

    on tables,boxes even some on the floor,& then u saw 5 sweet rides.WOW!u say loud.He laughs looking at u.still holding ur hand.U like it?he says,Yeah its awesome,wow men have interests,as i see,u laugh

  13. 13

    U see 3 motorcycles & 2 cars.U were looking at the 1st one.An old chevy camaro,very clean & in a good condition.Thats Rays,he really likes old cars & his really good at fixing them,Ian says.

  14. 14

    Its silver with 2 black stripes at the middle.Thats Jonahs,he says showing u the nxt which is a new camaro,black with white stripes.They almost have the same taste as u can see,at models.

  15. 15

    But Jonah likes new cars,he dosent have Rays patience 2 fix them,Ian says laughing.Nice,u say.Thats Nates,he says showing u a big Harley silver and some black.The seat was black skin.

  16. 16

    At the end of it their was a small metal back wrapped with a fat chain.On top of the tires the metal head had big black spikes.Cool,u say scaning it.Its even cooler when he turns her on,Ian says.

  17. 17

    Thats Evans,he says showing u the nxt,a HUGE black Ducati with 4 nail marks,big red nail marks like from a monster or something at her sides & the seat.She has really fat tires & shes really.....tall.

  18. 18

    WOW cool marks,u say.YEAH..well his a werewolf so thats why he painted her like that,that thing goes super fast,look at the tires,he says pointing at them.Yeah nice,u say staring at them.

  19. 19

    & thats mine he says finally showing u his.Its a dirt bike,really tall,with big fat tires.Its white with a black seat from skin & a black helmet on it.U gasp.Dirt bike,sweet,u say.

  20. 20

    Come,he said pulling u closer.He goes nxt 2 her & graps the helmet.U like?he asks with a grin.I love, u say grining 2.How about a ride?he says standing right infront of u,looking right in2 ur eyes..

  21. 21

    ..giving u a soo sexy smile.U smile,blusing & looking down but he lifts ur head.Hmm?he does curious.Sure u say looking right in2 his eyes.THE END

  22. 22

    It was a little long on purpose 4 Easter,hope u liked it!!!!! LOVE YA BYE!!!!!

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