who would fall for you part 11

who would fall for you part 11

by: Cristi_Much_Like_Falling

So we left off when something crazy was about 2 happen with u and Evan but din't.Then u heard doors and u left the room.U saw Jonah going downstairs and u were runing 2 catch him but u crushed on Nate.2gether u went 2 the kitchen,cooked breakfast and had fun!

  1. 1

    So u finished breakfast & everyone had a job 2 do,u were cleaning the table,Nathan the glasses & the frying pan & Jonah the dishes again.U & Nate finished fast & u were waiting 4 Jonah.

  2. 2

    'Hey do u want 2 take a walk with me?'Nathan said exsited.'Where?'u say.'Outside'.'Its a bad idea Nate',Jonah said.'C'mon she will be fine with me,im the best fighter',Nathan explaind.

  3. 3

    'OK',u say 'if Jonah dosent mind'.'No he dosent'Nathan says graping ur hand & start runing.'Nathan i dont th-BYE Jonah',Nathan stoped him.U guys were laughing so much,runing.

  4. 4

    Nathan opened a door 4u & then he took ur hand again runing at the garden,u guys stoped 2 catch a breath.'That was nice',Nate laughed.'yeah'u said.U2 walk around the house.'Its so big,beautifull'u say

  5. 5

    Nate smiles staring at u.'Hey lets go 2 the forest its a lake there its very nice'.He walked behind u & huged u.'U better hold me tight 2',he said.'Why?'u asked curious.'Do it & see'.

  6. 6

    U huged him & then u saw his wings coming out of his back.They started flaping & u were slowly leaving the ground.U looked at him amazed & he gave u a sweet smile.

  7. 7

    U flew over the trees & landed close 2 the lake.'WOW it was amazing,i always wanted 2 fly',u say.He laughed'im glad u liked it'.U sat down on the grass,looking at the lake with the clear green water.

  8. 8

    Then u lied down looking at the sky through the branches.'U like it?'he asks,'i love it',u say.He sits up & u do the same,He caress ur face,gently,& he came closer.He was looking right in2 ur eyes.

  9. 9

    Then he leaned close 2 u & his lips touched urs.U were so cought up at the moment.He pulled away slowly still looking in ur eyes,with his golden ones,blusing still having ur face in his hands.

  10. 10

    'I wanted 2 do that from the 1st moment i saw u',he said,u smile,blusing & looking down.U could feel that he was staring.'Lets go back',he said geting up & giving u a hand.

  11. 11

    U guys flew back at the house where Jonah was waiting,leaned on the door.THE END

  12. 12

    hope u liked it u got 2 spent somr time with that hottie Nate comment rate both bye

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