who would fall for you part 9

who would fall for you part 9

by: Cristi_Much_Like_Falling

So we left off when u & Ray were in his lving room,talking,eating cereal & stuff & then Ray start leaning closer & closer,he was a few inches away 2 kiss u when Evan opened the door & said that was late.Then he left & u kissed Ray on the cheek saying good night & left the room!

  1. 1

    U leave from Rays living room & now ur at a long hall with many doors,u go from the way u came b4,lost when a door opens & u see Ian,shirtless,holding a towel,wiping his hair.

  2. 2

    U stay there frozen & he laughs.'Did i scared ya?'A bit,well a lot,i wasent expecting that'u say smiling.'What ru doing here?'he asks.'Im looking 4 the kitchen Evans waiting 4 me there',u say.

  3. 3

    He looks a bit anoyed.'Oh ill take u there then'he says taking ur hand.'Thnk u'u say smiling sweetly.'So how ru,ru ok?'he asks kindly.'Yes i am'.U guys keep walking & u go till the stairs.

  4. 4

    Ian suddenly stops.U stop coz his holding ur hand & u look at him comfused.He then lightly pushes u from ur waist againt the wall & he puts his hand on it closing u way 2 escape.

  5. 5

    He starts leaning closer 2 u a few inches again as well 2 kiss u when u guys hear Evan AGAIN calling u.He turns around his head,laughs,takes ur hand & u guys go finaly 2 the kitchen.

  6. 6

    U see Evan leaned on the wall,waiting.'Thank god'he says & smiles,'u were lost werent u?'Yes Ian helped me though'u say smiling.'Lets go its late'he said taking ur hand away from Ians.

  7. 7

    'Uhh good night Ian,thnx'u say as Evan was puling u.'Evan ru ok?'u ask.'Yeah why?'he asks but u know his hiding something.'I know something happened',u say.'Not now though we'll talk 2morow'he tells u

  8. 8

    U go 2 his room.'Now what?'u say,he looks at u'We'll go 2 sleep'Where-how'u ask with ur eyes wide.He comes & puts his hands around ur waist,'2 the bed'.'Im not sleeping with u',u say.He smiles.

  9. 9

    'Go 2 the bed,sleep ill sleep down.'He goes takes a blancet & puts it on the floor.'U dont have 2'u say,'i can sleep down.'Shhh dont worry ill be fine just like that'he says & turns into a wolf.

  10. 10

    U laugh & go 2 bed.'Good night Evan',u say & turn off the light.THE END

  11. 11

    Hope u liked it,comment,rate,both.PLEASE BYE-BYE

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