Who would you fall for A demon, vampire, neko, werewolf, angel, or an elf P5

Who would you fall for A demon, vampire, neko, werewolf, angel, or an elf P5

by: Rawrmonsterr
  1. 1

    So we left off where you guys heard something crash downstairs..........

  2. 2

    You guys hurry downstairs into the living room. You see Gavin grabbing Noah's neck with his and he lifted him up in the air. Noah started kicking Gavin. "This is it!" Gavin shouted changing into a

  3. 3

    Before you could think you tackled Gavin to the floor. You landed on Gavin and the two of you slide to the other side of the room. Noah went right into the wall.

  4. 4

    You look around and you noticed that everyone was knocked out. Noah stood up and went upstairs like nothing happened . "Get off of me!" Gavin growls. You do as he says and he went into his room.

  5. 5

    "Oh my god." Jaden says. "Is he always like this?" You ask. "Only sometimes." That's when everyone started to get up, but Owen. Jaden told everyone how brave you were and they all forgot about Owen

  6. 6

    You carried him on your back and no one noticed that you went upstairs except for Zachary. He kept his eyes on you the whole time.

  7. 7

    You went upstairs into Owen's room and placed him on his bed. "Sweet dreams,Owen" you say and kiss him on the cheek. As soon as you did that his eyes shot open. "I take it you heard that." you say

  8. 8

    He blushes "Ummm....yeah" he replys "Oh im a lucky person." you say "Right now i think im lucky." Just a bit." You laugh

  9. 9

    "I should go clear things up." You quickly say and leave. You wanted to get away from all conversation. You soon come across a door and you open it. You walk in and its completely dark. You go further

  10. 10

    Sorry, but it ends here...And your thoughts are???

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