Who would you fall for A demon, vampire, neko, werewolf, angel, or an elf P4

Who would you fall for A demon, vampire, neko, werewolf, angel, or an elf P4

by: Rawrmonsterr
  1. 1

    So we left off at ummmmsss......going to dinner?

  2. 2

    Noah held your hand the whole way down to the dining room and you were blushing the whole way down

  3. 3

    As you enter the room Noah let go of your hand and you inhaled the sweet smell of food."Who made spaghetti?!" You ask. A guy with long black hair raised his hand. After he was done eating what ever

  4. 4

    After, you were done eating you went upstairs into your bedroom and looked outside. All you saw was woods,the moon, and stars. You were amazed by how beautiful it was. Then someone knocked on ur door

  5. 5

    You open the door and see spaghetti man there. "Hey." he said "I'm here to show you around here." "Sure.I'm bound to get lost." You say. He laughs "We'll find you if you do."

  6. 6

    "I kinda forgot your name and what you were." You shyly say. "I'm Jaden and I'm a demon." he answers and shows you around the house. You find out that Noah's main interest is stars, Owen's

  7. 7

    Nathan's is into water life (he's the first one you meet), Zachary (vampire with longish brown hair) is interested after life and mystical creatures, and Gavin's Interested in animal life

  8. 8

    "What about you?" You ask. His whole face lights up. "Well, I-" he started but was cut off by a crashing sound from downstairs "Come on." Jaden says and wings materialize from his back. He grabs you

  9. 9

    So whatcha think of it this time?

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