Who would you fall for A demon, vampire, neko, werewolf, angel, or an elf P3

Who would you fall for A demon, vampire, neko, werewolf, angel, or an elf P3

by: Rawrmonsterr
  1. 1

    OK every one of these quizzes does this so we left off at the part where guy peoples came in and blah blah blah blah blah

  2. 2

    "Guys, you're over whelming her with everything!" kittyboy exclaims."Everyone in the room Dottie." He says pulling lightly on your arm

  3. 3

    As soon as you guys got out of the room you two started talking "So wait your mane is? And you're a what?" You asked. "I'm Noah, and I'm a Neko." he replys. He has sortof longish brown spikey hair

  4. 4

    You guys walk up a bunch of flights of stairs, but you kept the conversation goin."Whatever you do, dont hang out with Gavin or at least know that he's a rapist."

  5. 5

    "Wait, are you kidding?" You ask. "I guess." he sighs "I-We just dont really like each other and please don't believe anything he says." Noah pleaded. "Ok you reply.

  6. 6

    "Who is Gavin anyway?" You ask "Gavin is the guy with greenish brown hair.........and he's also a werewolf." Noah replies hesitating a bit and opening a door

  7. 7

    "And this is your room." he says. The both of you walk in. You blop yourself on the bed and Noah does the same. What does your room look like?

  8. 8

    "On the first floor, is Jaden, Gavin, and Nathan. On the second floor is me, Owen, and Zachary. You're the only one on this floor." Noah says. "I like it in here." You say. "That's good but we have to

  9. 9

    So whatcha think this time

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