So you think you know the Phantom of the Opera?

So you think you know the Phantom of the Opera?

by: Racheltheangel

Think you're well-versed in all things Phantom? Think you're a true Phan? Discover your Phantom IQ!

  1. 1

    Let's start off with an easy one. What is the Phantom's real name?

  2. 2

    The 2004 film begins with the auction and transitions to a flashback. How many years had passed between the tragic chandelier crash and "present time?"

  3. 3

    Why should one not turn a grasshopper?

  4. 4

    What was Andrew Llyod Webber's motivation for creating the musical?

  5. 5

    Name one difference between Andrew Llyod Webber's "Phantom of the Opera" stage musical and the 2004 film:

  6. 6

    Which of these actors have NOT portrayed the Phantom?

  7. 7

    What's the mysterious Persian's name?

  8. 8

    How does Luciana die in Susan Kay's novel?

  9. 9

    According to Leroux's novel, Raoul de Chagny is:

  10. 10

    In Leroux's novel, at what time is Christine allowed to die?

  11. 11

    And how does Christine attempt to commit suicide?

  12. 12

    In Leroux's novel, how long had the Phantom been writing his opera?

  13. 13

    Which story/myth is NOT referenced in the stage musical and 2004 film?

  14. 14

    What is the name of the "Requiem Mass" which the Phantom plays?

  15. 15

    What or who was the Phantom's first friend in Kay's novel?

  16. 16

    In Leroux's novel, what song does the Phantom play for Christine at the graveyard?

  17. 17

    In the 1990 TV Miniseries, what is Christine's job at the Opera House?

  18. 18

    In the 1990 TV Miniseries, why does the Phantom cut down the chandelier?

  19. 19

    According to Leroux's novel, how many siblings does Raoul de Chagny have?

  20. 20

    In the 2004 film, who's the old lady during the black and white sequence?

  21. 21

    What or who is "the Siren?"

  22. 22

    Who is Charles?

  23. 23

    What was the Persian's job back in his country?

  24. 24

    And what was the Phantom's job back in Persia?

  25. 25

    Describe the Phantom's mother (Kay based):

  26. 26

    What or who is the Phantom's pet in Kay's novel?

  27. 27

    Which version does this line come from: "You desire the music. I am the music."

  28. 28

    Fill in the blank: "Angel of Music, I denied you! Turning from true beauty! Angel of Music, _____! Come to me, strange angel"

  29. 29

    In the stage musical, depending on who portrays the Phantom at a given performance, the character varies. Which of these actors is known for playing an exceptionally dark, "novel" accurate Phantom?

  30. 30

    In Kay, what was the Phantom's nickname while he was a sideshow "freak?"

  31. 31

    The Phantom kills Javert, his gypsy master, in Kay's novel. What motivated him?

  32. 32

    In the stage musical and 2004 film, what is lot 664?

  33. 33

    What is Christine Daae's role in Faust? (before she plays the lead)

  34. 34

    What is the ethnic origin of the Phantom's real name?

  35. 35

    In all of the different versions, which was NOT one of the Phantom's nicknames?

  36. 36

    Which is Little Lotte fondest of: dolls, goblins, shoes, riddles, frocks, chocolates, picnics? (and yes, there is a correct answer)

  37. 37

    In what year was Leroux's Phantom of the Opera first published?

  38. 38

    What is inside of the "little bag of life and death?"

  39. 39

    Who sings the first line in the musical and 2004 film?

  40. 40

    Out of the following, name one difference between the stage musical and the 2004 film adaptation:

  41. 41

    Fill in the blank: "No one ever sees the Angel; but he is heard by those who are meant to hear him. He often comes when they least expect him, when they are _______."

  42. 42

    What is the Phantom's fate at the end of Leroux's novel?

  43. 43

    Name a difference between Kay and Leroux's novel:

  44. 44

    Which adaptation does NOT feature a crashing chandelier?

  45. 45

    According to Andrew Lloyd Webber, this actor is his favorite portrayal of the Phantom:

  46. 46

    How are Phantom: Las Vegas Spectacular and the 2004 film DIFFERENT:

  47. 47

    In the stage musical, which of the following parts is pre-recorded?

  48. 48

    How many Phantom "doubles" are used in the stage show?

  49. 49

    In Leroux's novel, how long does Christine stay in the Phantom's home?

  50. 50

    And what is the Phantom's home called?

  51. 51

    What is the name of the horse which the Phantom steals and brings underground?

  52. 52

    Who did NOT help with writing the musical's lyrics?

  53. 53

    Out of these choices, how are Phantom: Las Vegas Spectacular and the classic Phantom of the Opera stage show the SAME:

  54. 54

    What drug is the Phantom addicted to in Kay's novel?

  55. 55

    Name one way which Phantom: Las Vegas Spectacular and the 2004 film are the SAME:

  56. 56

    Finish the line: "Glut your eyes! Feast your ______!"

  57. 57

    In the 1989 horror adaptation, this scene is often praised due to its resemblance of the original novel:

  58. 58

    In how many versions does the Phantom wear a HALF-MASK? (The Las Vegas Phantom/stage musical counts as 1)

  59. 59

    And in which version does the Phantom wear NO MASK?

  60. 60

    Why does Madame Giry agree to aid the Phantom in Leroux's novel?

  61. 61

    We'll end with an easy one. What is the Phantom's preferred-choice-of-weapon?

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