How Much Do You Know About ROBLOX?

by: cthulhu1337

I dont know what to put here.

  1. 1

    The dusekkar was made for Matt Dusek,an admin in ROBLOX. On December 24 2009,it was rewarded as a prize inside a gift.

  2. 2

    Is every hat in ROBLOX made by only ROBLOX?

  3. 3


  4. 4

    Does Santa Claus like killing wizards with a machine gun?

  5. 5

    Is it possible to get the veteran badge the first day you join?

  6. 6

    When did ROBLOX start making gears?

  7. 7

    When did ROBLOX start making hats?

  8. 8

    When did ROBLOX make faces?

  9. 9

    Are spammers noobs?

  10. 10

    Can you buy models?

  11. 11

    Were materials made in 2008?

  12. 12

    ROBLOX made the banhammer.

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