Do You Know The Lyrics? ( Top 2010 Pop Songs )

Do You Know The Lyrics? ( Top 2010 Pop Songs )

by: jadeLovesYou

I'm Gonna Pick Some of the most Popular Pop Songs of 2010 and All you have to do if "Know the Lyrics." and i wanted to do soo many more Songs , but just didn't have the time & if you have any Suggestions on any songs that i could do just tell me and i'll do it : ) Thanks & No Rude or Mean Comments Pleasee ? : )

  1. 1

    Rihanna-What's my name : "Ain't nowhere that i'd be, then with your arms around me, back and forth you ___ me."

  2. 2

    Nelly-Just a Dream: " I Was thinkin' bout her, thinkin' bout me, what we gonna ___."

  3. 3

    Ke$ha-We R Who We R: "Hot And Dangerous, If your one of us then roll with us, Cause we make the Hipsters ____."

  4. 4

    Mike Poser-Please Don't Go: "Just run away, From These _ "

  5. 5

    Far East Movement-Like a G6: "Popping bottles in the _, Like a G6"

  6. 6

    Trey Songs-Bottoms Up: "Got a ___ bottles, but a ___ ain't enough"

  7. 7

    The Ready Set-Love Like Woah: "But I think you're a __ sweet pill that I'm swallowing down"

  8. 8

    The Downtown Fiction-I Just wanna Run: "Don't treat me like a ___"

  9. 9

    Katy Perry-Firework: "Do you ever feel like a ___ __?"

  10. 10

    Justin Bieber-Comman Demoninator: "The only thing that would __ me is if you weren't here."

  11. 11

    Stereo Skyline-Heartbeat: " And the ____reason i keep believing"

  12. 12

    Maroon 5-Misery: "And I wrote ___ hundred ______"

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