Ninja Love Story (a naruto love story)

by: xXxXxKaYeSsxXxXx

well i've been wanting to do this for a long time. actually i think it's why i joined quibblo then for got about it when i created my other quizzes. i LOVE naruto (the anime/manga) and i've always loved making love stories. so this is my first naruto love story. here is the info.
Sasuke's girl: Tsukoiya-Jonin-16
Naruto's girl: Tsuki-Chuunin-14
Gaara's girl: Shura-Chuunin-15
Kiba's girl: Setsoshima-Chuunin-15
Neji's girl: Kiata-Jonin-17
Shikamaru's girl: Jin-Chuunin-16

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