I'm Jacob's OneLess Lonely Girl(sequel to Its A Twilight Story(all jacob)47

by: Essie_River

OK!SO THIS IS LIKE MY WHAT 12TH TIME TRYNA UPD8 THIS THING?BUTHOPEFULLY I CAN ACTUALLY GET THRU THIS ONE W/O GETTIN DISTRACTED!so hey how yall durrin?lolz.ok ok my bad for not upd8n but between GRADUATING!!!(middle school!lmfaoXD)and GOIN TO COLLEGE for the summer(program)i may only get on here on fridays to upd8 it.BUT HERE'S THE FIRST UPD8 OF THE SUMMER.I hope u like it.FEED BACK PLZ!kk luv ya lotz.

*Renee*(killer koalas unite!lmfao!)

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