Finish the Lyrics 2

by: Muse_rocks

Fairly self explanatory

  1. 1

    Bang Pop-Free Energy: Now she was walking down stairs

  2. 2

    In The Garage-Weezer: In the garage where I belong

  3. 3

    Lay Me Down-The Dirty Heads: We've been running for a while

  4. 4

    Internet Killed The Video Star-The Limousines: I'm a horrible dancer I ain't gonna lie

  5. 5

    You're A Risk-The Beautiful Bodies: I'm looking at you, you're looking at me, I'm looking at you, looking, looking, looking at me

  6. 6

    My Best Theory-Jimmy Eat World: I can feel the air rush out

  7. 7

    Jilted Lover & Broken Hearts-Brandon Flowers: I watched him spin you round and round

  8. 8

    Crown On The Ground-Sleigh Bells: You never doubted it, you're so proud of it, you strait shouted it, there's no doubt of it

  9. 9

    New Low-Middle Class Rut: I've got a new low, all 52 cards in a row, I see now that I won't let go, no I won't let go

  10. 10

    White Blank Page-Mumford & Sons: Can you lie next to her

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