Harry Potter hard quiz (some are easy)

by: francombelovesemmawatson

Harry Potter hard quiz

  1. 1

    In what year did Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald have their famous duel?

  2. 2

    Where does the name 'Erised' come from in the "Mirror of Erised"?

  3. 3

    What Quidditch team does Ron Weasley support?

  4. 4

    How many fouls are there in a game of Quidditch?

  5. 5

    Who is the seeker of the Irish National team?

  6. 6

    What does Ginny Weasley grow up to do?

  7. 7

    What colour Quidditch robes do the Kenmare Kestrels wear?

  8. 8

    What is Hagrids first name (easy)

  9. 9

    What is the name of Lord Voldermort's Grandfather?

  10. 10

    What is Hagrids mothers name?

  11. 11

    In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Mr.Weasley gets moved to what ward in St.Mungos?

  12. 12

    What is Professor Flitwick's first name?

  13. 13

    What dragon does Cedric Diggory pull out of the silk bag in the first task of the Triwizard Tournament?

  14. 14

    How many chapters are there in all the Harry Potter books put together?

  15. 15

    What nationality is Viktor Krum

  16. 16

    Fluer Delacour's grandmother was a what?

  17. 17

    What is Sirius's mother and fathers house called?

  18. 18

    Who is the other keeper apart from Ron in the Gryffindor Quidditch trials?

  19. 19

    How old is Proessor Mcgonagall?

  20. 20

    What is the horn on the wall of the Lovegoods house that blows up?

  21. 21

    What is Fleur Delacour's little sisters name? (easy)

  22. 22

    How many Weasleys are there altogether? (After "Nineteen years later") (Not easy)

  23. 23

    What are Hermione's parent's job?

  24. 24

    What is Harry, Ron and Hermione's middle names?

  25. 25

    In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, What number Quidditch world cup final is it?

  26. 26

    What do witches and wizards call the people who work in the department of mysterys?

  27. 27

    When Harry enters the bewitched tent in "Goblet of fire" what does he say?

  28. 28

    What is the first thing Mr.Weasley says to Harry in "Chamber of secrets"?

  29. 29

    Who is Mad-eye-moody's imposter in "Goblet of fire"

  30. 30

    What does Dumbledore rename Buckbeak in "The Halfblood prince?"

  31. 31

    What is Dumbledores Phoenix's name

  32. 32

    How many N.E.W.T.S did John Dawlish get?

  33. 33

    Who's patronus is "The Silver doe?"

  34. 34

    What animal does Dolores Umbridge's face represent?

  35. 35

    Who is appointed Minister for Magic in the deathly hallows?

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