Questions on a Totalitarian America

by: MoonWater

Please reply in the comments with the following information:
Q6. What is your gender?
a. Male
b. Female

Q7. What is your age?
a. Less than 10
b. 10-15.
c. 15-20
d. 20-25
e. 25-30
f. 30-35
g. 35-40
h. 40-45
i. 45-50
j. More than 50

Which ones did you get right?

  1. 1

    Of the following, what pertains to socialist ideology?

  2. 2

    Which two countries utilized fascist ideology during World War II?

  3. 3

    In what way/s is the American government able to monitor citizens?

  4. 4

    Evidence of socialist ideals can be seen in Congress because…

  5. 5

    According to Sheldon S. Wolin who did the Constitution protect, politically?

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