do you know your wierd facts??

do you know your wierd facts??

by: My_loVely_bRokEn_HarT

hey i was some what interested in how you guys know about weird things! sorry it might be a long quiz though but it's fun and it's all true!!

  1. 1

    how much saliva do we create each day??

  2. 2

    is it true that when your on a couch or sleeping in bed you get the feeling were your slowly fallin gor slipping of until you feel like you fall and then jolt awake so is it true that since we....

  3. 3

    used to be monkeys that when or ancestors were babies they fell off there mothers back on a tree and thets were the feeling comes from??

  4. 4

    what can people get in there eyes??

  5. 5

    what do butterflies taste?

  6. 6

    finish the sentence in 10 minutes a hurican can creat more energy than the all the worlds...?

  7. 7

    what is the thing people choke on the most every year?

  8. 8

    what do people fear more the death

  9. 9

    can elephants jump??

  10. 10

    out of 2 billion people how many will live to be 116 or older?

  11. 11

    is it which isn't possible?

  12. 12

    how long can snails sleep for

  13. 13

    how invented the electric chair?

  14. 14

    are polar bears?

  15. 15

    an ostrich has what bigger then it's brain?

  16. 16

    was the ciggerettelighter inveneted befor the match?

  17. 17

    how much pizza do amaricans eat each day?

  18. 18

    thirty-five percent of people that are in personal internet dating sites are what

  19. 19

    did you enjoy the quiz( click the mabey thats acctually the right answer thetop one!!)

  20. 20

    k bye...( click the top one)

  21. 21

    oh one more befor i go do ducks quacks echo?

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