will u survive my haunted house??? ( scary!!!)

by: absolutelygorgeous

im goin 2 try and make this scary. for each one pick the one u r most likely 2 do or say. plz leave comments at the end.

  1. 1

    ur walking around town with ur 3 friends: molly, Jordan and Charlie. molly points at an old looking house. " look, isnt that the supposedly haunted house!" molly says.

  2. 2

    " yes i think it is" Charlie says. "lets check it out" Jordan says.

  3. 3

    u all walk up 2 the house. it looks completely deserted. u suddenly hear something that sounds like howling.

  4. 4

    u all stare at each other 4 a moment waiting 4 some1 2 break the silence. finally, Charlie asks " so r we goin in or wat?"

  5. 5

    the rest of u just nod. u all walk together through the big double doors. everything is silent and peaceful, until the doors suddenly crash behind u.

  6. 6

    u all start 2 freak out. Molly is crying, Jordan is banging against the doors and Charlie is in shock. u look up 2 c the light flickering and suddenly it goes out, creating pitch black.

  7. 7

    u hear a girl scream and the light comes back on. u notice Molly is missing!!! " wheres Molly??" charlie asks. " stuff Molly. lets get out of here!" Jordan says

  8. 8

    "we need 2 find Molly, Jordan" u say 2 him. "no, u 2 can find Molly if u want 2, but im not." Jordan says while going down the hall way into another room. " how do u want 2 search?" charlie asks u.

  9. 9

    u both agree 2 stick together. u start 2 go up the dirty staircase wen u c a ghost standing at the top of them.

  10. 10

    u look closer and u notice that the ghost looks like a little girl. " please leave. if my father catches u, u will end up like ur friend" the little girl ghost pleads.

  11. 11

    " which friend?" Charlie asks. " this one" she says while pointing 2 a body behind her. charlie runs up the stairs 2 the body. " its Molly! she dead!"

  12. 12

    u do the first one and start crying by mollys body. u turn around 2 c the ghost has disappeared. charlie hugs u and says "we need 2 leave and now"

  13. 13

    u just nod. u look up 2 c a different ghost behind Charlie. " Charlie!" u scream. the ghost suddenly grabs Charlie and u run down the stairs and into a kitchen where u c a back door open.

  14. 14

    u hear charlie scream and cry. u also remember Jordan goin off on his own and then u look at the door.

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