wat animal r U?

by: Basket_Case

take this 2 c wat animal u r..plz rate and comment!

  1. 1

    wat do u do in ur spare time?

  2. 2

    wats ur favrite place outta these?

  3. 3

    how is ur style?

  4. 4

    there is a natural disaster, wat do u do?

  5. 5

    wat do ppl think of u as?

  6. 6

    there is some1 getting beat up wen ur taking out da trash. wat do u do?

  7. 7

    where do u stand in war?

  8. 8

    uh oh. not this again. but wats ur favrite color?

  9. 9

    wat do u think of me?

  10. 10

    did u like this quiz?

  11. 11

    will u comment?

  12. 12

    k byye

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