Which Tsubasa chronicle character likes you the most

Which Tsubasa chronicle character likes you the most

by: POTF4life

Hey TRC fans, hope u like this quiz, it's lke a story, thanks to firebird111 on quizilla, i was able to make this quiz! i hope u like it :D . And pls leave ur comments and if u like it, pls vote!

  1. 1

    U wake up in a warm summer mornin' and it's 9:00! u run downstairs but no one's at home, not ur mom, not anyone( hey, even ur dog's gone), what do you do?

  2. 2

    Then u were gonna make make ur own breakfast and u find that there are no eggs at home, u take the key and go out shopping, then u dash a guy, more like a mini tower, what do u say?

  3. 3

    Whatever answer you choose, the tall guy grumbles then says " What are u blind?", then the blondy back of him says" We're sorry, we're lost can u help us?". What do you do?

  4. 4

    They introduce themselves, as u know.U take them to your home and u give them the breakfast too, then unknowingly spill it on everyone, u-

  5. 5

    whatever u choose, u decide to go out after the food for the places they askes you to take them, in the journey, dere's a stop in time!!(all cars stopped) what do you do?

  6. 6

    ur lookin on the other when there's a knock on ur window and ur out cold, wen u wake up, no ones near u and ur in some kind of fairy-land, you-

  7. 7

    after that, u see a short guy walkin towards u, he smirks and says " How r u my honey? r u wondering where ur frnds are?"

  8. 8

    whatever u choose, he then goes back and comes around witha women & a dog tied up, and wait, it's your mom, and ur dog, you-

  9. 9

    however, u faint again, and the rest continued in the next part(it's 11:51 PM here, i'll have to go to, mom's screamin!) how'd u like this quiz? if u lykd it pls vote :D

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