Cirque du Freak Book Two quiz!


This is the 2nd installment of my CDF quizes. About the 2nd book in the series "Vampire's Assisstant"! WARNING: May Contain Spoilers! ENJOY!

  1. 1

    What happens at the begining of the book that makes darren and Mr. Crepsley leave the city?

  2. 2

    What does Mr. Crepsley decide to do after he and Darren leave the city?

  3. 3

    Who does darren end up sharing a tent with?

  4. 4

    What does darren refuse to do?

  5. 5

    Who does Darren befriend?

  6. 6

    What type of food does Sam eat excessively?

  7. 7

    What does Darren almost do with Sam?

  8. 8

    Who do sam and Darren meet?

  9. 9

    What does R.V. stand for?

  10. 10

    What does Mr. Crepsley do when Darren is sleeping?

  11. 11

    What does R.V. do after he sees Madam Octa kill a sheep in the show?

  12. 12

    What happens when R.V. sets the wolfman free?

  13. 13

    What does Darren do after the wolfman ripps Sam apart?

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