How good are you at 8th grade math?

by: freelikesfreelovesfreefol

Have you ever wanted to go back and take one last test about 8th grade...

  1. 1

    Jenny wants to rent a truck for one day. She contacted two companies. Laguna’s Truck Rentals charges $20 plus $2 per mile. Salvatori’s Truck Rentals charges $3 per mile. After how many miles will th

  2. 2

    Triangle M is similar to triangle N. Triangle M has two angles with measures of 32° and 93°. Which two angle measures could be included in triangle N?

  3. 3

    An above-ground swimming pool in the shape of a cylinder has a diameter of 18 feet and a height of 4.5 feet. If the pool is filled with water to 6 inches from the top of the pool, what is the volume,

  4. 4

    A cone has a radius of 1.2 inches and a height of 2.9 inches. What is the volume, to the nearest tenth of a cubic inch, of the cone?

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