CLUE "Who Dunnit?" Find Out Who Killed Mr. Boddy!

CLUE "Who Dunnit?" Find Out Who Killed Mr. Boddy!

by: Alice_Sweet_Alice

This quiz is based on the classic detective board game "Clue". In this quiz you must find out who killed the rich mansion owner Mr. Boddy! Was it the dashing and s*xy Miss Scarlet? The gruff Colonel Mustard? The timid and scared Professor Plum? The tight fisted Mr. Green? The regal Mrs. Peacock? Mr. Boddy's own maid Mrs. White? Or did the Butler do it? Put on your detective cap and get ready to solve this daring murder mystery! Whatever answers you choose will determine who killed Mr. Boddy!

  1. 1

    Pick A Suspect

  2. 2

    Pick A Weapon

  3. 3

    Pick A Room

  4. 4

    Pick A Color

  5. 5

    Pick A Condiment

  6. 6

    Pick A Number

  7. 7

    Who do you suspect killed Mr. Boddy?

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