so you think you know your japanese music?

by: Fang_x

first off this music is not easy to get unless you know it and watched alot of anime and some are fand dubbed so be careful if you heard these before you'll get it

  1. 1

    question two: and how can i make amends for all that i took from you? i led you with hopeless dreams my brother i was a fool

  2. 2

    Questions three: the crimson stained sunshine seams touch everything..i cannot the future and the past is so frightening..

  3. 3

    question four: im a soldier born to stand in this waking hell i am witnessing more than i can compute (hint:ghost in the shell)

  4. 4

    Question NUMBER 5!: i'll lose this feeling of being so helpless cause my whole life is ahead of me

  5. 5

    number six:mo kimi ni kaze ku de mo...(pointer: i cant remeber the lyrics so well sorry japan i tried to remember)

  6. 6

    number seven!!!! look around look beyond you could make and unbreakable bond..the world around you is not what it seems its only feel beyond your wildest dreams

  7. 7

    Almost there if you Know Ai:woof woof theres no looking back you got one shot of freedom through the looking glass bow wow no more broken beast...

  8. 8

    i swear almost there this ones random: i feel no shame im proud of where i came from i was born and raised in the (pointer: if anyone gets this one wrong BAKA ERO!!!!)

  9. 9

    alright lets see if you know RANMA: baka baka baka baka baka baka baka (and yet more baka) *pointer:if you get this one wrong people BAKA ERO!!!)

  10. 10

    okay last question: i brush against the freckles that i hated so and life goes on and i heave a little sigh for you its heavey the love i would have shared with you...

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