Trapped: An Emmett Cullen Twilight Love Story Part 1 (Read Intro)

by: BornaRecluse

Heyy! As I promised Yhuu all, a new Emmett Love Story! I hope Yhuu enjoy it, cuz I know Ill enjoy writing it XD
Anywayz! Ive put a _ for Yhuu, so that its easier and non-confusing (Hopeully :S)
I really hope Yhuu comment! Because, this is just really a test-run for the series!
Please tell me whether Yhuu like it or not! If Yhuu dont, then tell me. If Yhuu do, then let me know!
Thans to fashion17 and xoxoSmilesxAlotxoxo and more for the help!
Comments = Updates!
Hayley xXx

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