What Kind of Fan Are You?

What Kind of Fan Are You?

by: m3rcy616

I figure that I make a lot of surveys on here, why not make a personality quiz?
It's been a while since my last one.
So this one may not be the best. but hey, it's for fun.
And, like most of my quizzes these days, it's based on music.

Also, I don't mean to offend anybody: it's jsut a quiz, based on my interpretations of things.

  1. 1

    Your favorite band is coming to town, and your friend manages to score tickets for you guys to go, you...

  2. 2

    You arrive at the venue, and you and your friend are early. When doors open you:...

  3. 3

    The first band on stage for the night is not your favorite band. Your band is on later in the lineup, but the bands that are up first are still pretty good. You...:

  4. 4

    Your favorite band finally gets on the stage and starts their set, you...

  5. 5

    It's the end of your bands set, and the guitarist(s) is/are tossing out guitar picks. You manage to catch one. Your reaction...

  6. 6

    You're heading out of the venue, when you and your friend spot the band outside, talking to fans. (you guys waited inside for the crowds to thin so you could walk without hassle) you..

  7. 7

    You get home, what are your thoughts of the night?

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