harry potter quotes quiz read intro

by: smileycat10

well i was bored so here is a harry potter quotes quiz so ya hope u like it
i will be doing books by series
1st-2nd in the first quiz
3rd-4th in the 2nd quiz
5th-6th in the 3rd quiz
7th in the 4th quiz

  1. 1

    book 1: " the owls are nothing next to the rumors that are flying around. you know what everyone's saying? about why he's disappeared? about what finally stopped him?"

  2. 2

    book 1: "so we've just got to try on the hat! i'll kill fred, he was going on about wrestling a troll

  3. 3

    book 1: "do you want me to go to the bloody baron?"

  4. 4

    book 2: " perfect percy"

  5. 5

    book 2: "see ya next summer!"

  6. 6

    book 2: "Quidditch are back on!"

  7. 7

    book 2: "bee in your bonnet, harry potter?"

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