Are you in the Friend's Zone? and if so, How deep are you? (for men and women)

by: Dialteg

So here's how the scoring works. I's very simple.
The HIGHER the score, the GREATER the chance you are in the friend's zone now, or constantly.
The LOWER the score, the better chance you have to escape the friend's zone or to never hear those words, "Let's just be friends."
I have developed this test after spending twenty years in the friends zone and dug into deep on how I always ended up there.
Good luck,

  1. 1

    1) Do you feel when you are attracted to someone, they are more attractive than you?

  2. 2

    2) Do you often find yourself trying to get others you to like you, by making sure you do nothing wrong to offend them with your words actions?

  3. 3

    3) Do you feel that love is beyond you? Meaning you become overwhelmed with thoughts of marriage, relationships, and what you would give to another romantically, because you find them so attractive?

  4. 4

    4) Have you ever made a move, or tried to kiss someone who refused it?

  5. 5

    5) Have you ever tried to kiss someone who you felt was more attractive than you?

  6. 6

    6) Have you ever turned down someone about to kiss you, because you felt nothing physically towards them?

  7. 7

    7) How long does it take you to ask for a date or a number, when you meet someone you are interested in?

  8. 8

    8) Do you feel that becoming friends first, is a must for you to enter a relationship?

  9. 9

    9) Do you feel that becoming friends first, is a must before you are willing to kiss someone?

  10. 10

    10) Are you a passionate person?

  11. 11

    11) Do you take risks?

  12. 12

    12) Do you travel often for pleasure?

  13. 13

    13) Do you generally NOT like to stir things up?

  14. 14

    14) Are you constantly afraid you will offend someone?

  15. 15

    15) Do you lead your social group, or follow.

  16. 16

    16) Are you decisive?

  17. 17

    17) Do you feel attractive?

  18. 18

    18) Do you dress, or purchase certain clothes because you feel you do not care about what others think of you?

  19. 19

    19) Have you ever changed your appearance?

  20. 20

    20) Do you workout or exercise regularly?

  21. 21

    21) Are you optimistic or pessimistic?

  22. 22

    22) Do you ask your partner if they enjoyed himself after sleeping?

  23. 23

    23) Do you feel you understand men or women?

  24. 24

    24) Do you avoid verbal arguments, or upsetting someone you are attracted to, but are not sleeping with?

  25. 25

    25) Are you constantly running scenarios in your head ending with bad results of what is about to happen?

  26. 26

    26) Are you constantly running scenarios in your head of you being the victor over someone else, but then you never really act out on those desires?

  27. 27

    27) Do you feel that everyday that passes and you are still alone, it gets harder and harder to get out of your current position?

  28. 28

    28) Are you drawn towards romantic comedies or sad songs?

  29. 29

    29) Do you find yourself often relating to sad songs at every particular time in your life, when you were attracted to someone but were just friends with?

  30. 30

    30) Do you feel that romance, or being romantic, can win another persons heart?

  31. 31

    31) Do you feel sexy?

  32. 32

    32) Do you feel that you are better than most attractive people you encounter, that are constantly in some sort of a relationship?

  33. 33

    33) Do you enjoy meeting new people?

  34. 34

    34) Do you feel there is not enough time or money in your life, to pursue an active dating life?

  35. 35

    35) Are you nice to people you want, or are attracted to, but when they turn you down, develop negative feelings for?

  36. 36

    36) Are you easily upset?

  37. 37

    37) Would you say the world is better off now, than it was half your lifetime ago?

  38. 38

    38) Can you explain, exactly, the human mating process from meeting to commitment, or both?

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