Guy-ology 101 Mini Quiz

by: hollypinaforemag

I interviewed a group of guys about dating, relationships and women. See if you can pick out their responses to each statement! Some answers might fit your stereotypes of men and the others might shock you.

Enjoy, and be sure to visit for more fun articles and stories about food, fashion, fitness and relationships.

  1. 1

    Guy #1: "It really pisses me off when a girl talks about ________the first time I meet her."

  2. 2

    Guy #2: "I'll date her if ________, but not if____________."

  3. 3

    Guy #3: "When I don't call or text her three days after we hook up, it means..."

  4. 4

    Guy #4: "I say we need to go on break. I really mean..."

  5. 5

    When asked "what do you think turns ladies off the most?", guy #5 answers:

  6. 6

    Guy #6 says, "I don't like when ladies..."

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