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zombie survival quiz(everybody can take this quiz) part 1 the virus

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you find your self in your house but theres blood everywhere you turn on the tv and see that theres a zombie war you need a gun and you have to perpare for this battle(youre in paris) will you survive??!!

  1. 1

    you are in youre room your awake you see blood all over the place what do you do??

  2. 2

    you turned on the t.v and see theres zombies all over the place! what do u do next

  3. 3

    you need a vechicle which one do you choose?

  4. 4

    with what??

  5. 5

    ok you got a vechicle but you still need a weapon and some survivers

  6. 6

    you decided to get guns first when you see 1,000 zombies all you have is one ozi with low amo!

  7. 7

    killed them all but you see your best friend he was bitten! what do u do?

  8. 8

    you find a gun and ammo shop which one do u go first

  9. 9

    well you go to the guns shop which guns do u pick...

  10. 10

    you now go to the ammo shop but theres no ammo what do u do

  11. 11

    (training stops) you have everything even ammo now to kill zome zombies!

  12. 12

    you killed have the city of zombies then you find survivers what do u do??

  13. 13

    you went along the survivers but some of them infected by the t-virus or v-virus (whatever)

  14. 14

    ok half of youre team are dead half of them are not which ones do u pick to be on ur team

  15. 15

    holy crap! your girlfriend/boyfriend became a zombiw what do u do?

  16. 16

    five survivers me,2 of my best friends and 2 warriors what do u do?

  17. 17

    you need to leave paris before sundown one of the warriors died of hunger

  18. 18

    crud a MILLION zombies are in front of your crew what do you do?

  19. 19

    you killed the zombies when it turns to sun down its only u and too friends

  20. 20

    you finally found the helicopter with your clostest friends where would you go??

  21. 21

    (final question!) you woke up in youre REAL bed and you thought that was a vision! about the future!

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