NaME tHe LyrIcS!!

by: iDontWannaBeInLove

these arent old.. but they dnt play them on the radio that often anymore. so here. no cheating!!

  1. 1

    ..but here u r again. cuz we belong together now! forever united here sumhow! u got a piece of me and honestly, my life wud...

  2. 2 i sneak out to the garden to see u. we keep quiet cuz were dead if they knew. so close ur eyes. escape this town for a little while

  3. 3

    ..ik ull ask me to hold on. and carry on lyk nothings wrong. but there is no tym for lies cuz i can see sunset in ur eyes. i cnt take it any longr thot that we were strongr..

  4. 4

    ...i wud turn off my phone. tell everyone its broken so they think that i was sleepn alone. i'd put myself first and make the rulles as i go...

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