8D The Lost Tresure #6

by: snerd

YAYYY!!!! i got the part!!!! WOOOWHOOO!!! well anyways her is the quiz lolz

  1. 1

    only to find the scary guy from the woods u let out a big gasp "Amber where have u been!?!" asked ur mom "around...who is he?""he is the guy who is helpen us find the map" "mom i need 2 talk 2 u"

  2. 2

    "ok sweetie" u guys go up stairs "mom that guy thretend me and my friends!" u said"dont b rediculuse Amber"

  3. 3

    "mom im tellin u the truth"she just rolls her eyes and walkes out ur so exsosted that u dont care u through ur self on the bed and go 2 sleep and of course ur gonna have another one of those dreams

  4. 4

    ur dad was tied to a chair hs mouth was swollin and he was bleedoing just about everyware a person who looked to b a man held a wip and other tortering tools

  5. 5

    "where the map?" the man said "ill never tell u!""rlly?" asked a muffeld womens voice with a black mask on"ur going 2 throw ur life away for some tresure?"no,i no what ur going to do wit that mony!

  6. 6

    ur going 2 kill thousands and i cant allow that" the woman just laughed "suit urself were going 2 find it with or without ur help...jake finish him off

  7. 7

    as ur dad was about 2 speek his last words u wake up sweeting and crying...all of a sudden u hear tapping on ur window u look over and its Andy

  8. 8

    u open it up nd he huggs u with so much forse u both fall over u guys start 2 laugh until Andy says"r u ok""ya ill survive...wuld u mind gettin off of me?"

  9. 9

    he bluses"o ya srry bout that"u guys talk for a whiel until u say"that it!!!""whats it?""ok ur gonna think im crazy but"u tell hi everything fromall of ur dreams 2 what happend to ur dad

  10. 10

    "um wow...amber thats""crazy i no""no not cary rlly sad"he says wipping away the tear on ur cheek"Red Beard said the tresure lied in his heart, well his heart belonged 2 the sea wich means he map is

  11. 11

    is on the beach!"he looked at u wit curious eyes and then said"well what r we waiting 4 lets go get that map!" u guys run 2 the beach and dig 4 about 5 hours

  12. 12

    "Amber can we go were not getting anywhere" u were about 2 say yes untill u hit something "wait i think i got something" u pull up a box"what is that?" "i dont no" u open it up and find old pictures

  13. 13

    of a woman and then...wait 4 it ...u find the map!!! annnnndddd cliffhanger!!!!

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