My Third iCarly Quiz

by: DevilsApprentice

Good Luck

Please leave a comment or two.

  1. 1

    Easy:Who came up with the idea to make the webshow"iCarly"

  2. 2

    Easy:Who won a date with Gibby while doing iCarly?

  3. 3

    Easy:How is Spencer related to Carly?

  4. 4

    Easy:Who is Jackson Colt?

  5. 5

    Medium:What was Jackson Colt dancing with?

  6. 6

    Medium:Who stars on iFight Shelby Marx?

  7. 7

    Medium:Who's family fences?

  8. 8

    Hard:What is Carly's principal's name?

  9. 9

    Hard:Who steps on Ms.Briggs's bagpipes?

  10. 10

    Hard:What was Spencer suppose to sculpt for a rich man who owns 7 art museums in Vanquever?(Hint:The rich man is bald)

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