does your boyfriend like you or love you

by: iluvroman
  1. 1

    has he ever told you he loves you?

  2. 2

    does he stand up for you?

  3. 3

    (pretend) your at the mall, you try on a tight shirt and a couple guys walk by and check you out your boyfriend does

  4. 4

    you go to the movies with him and his friends he

  5. 5

    at a party your boyfriend

  6. 6

    has he ever hit on other girls while hanging out with you

  7. 7

    does he buy you stuff

  8. 8

    you forgot its that time of the month. your out of products for it. your boyfriend is the last resort... you actually ask him and he says.

  9. 9

    you embarse him at lunch in front of everything he

  10. 10

    you fall in gym he

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