is this a dream or am i awake? (twilight story)

by: Daddys_Little_Princess

okay this is the begining of my new twilight series. hope like it. please leave comments. thank u. oh ya AT LEAST 5 COMMENTS FOR THE NEXT ONE. oh yes please go take the 'who is ur twilight match 2'. then take this cause this is your life with your dream guy. but u don't have to u can chosse the guy u want now if u like.OKAY NOW LOOK PEOPLE I KNOW U ALL WAT EDWARD BUT ITHIS IS REALLY ONLY ABOUT ALICE THE STORY IS REALLY ABOUT HER BUT I MADE A EDWARD BUT STILL I WOULD LIKE TO SEE SOME JASPER.

  1. 1

    okay your dream dude

  2. 2

    what girl in twilight do u want to be?

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