how well do u know taylor lautner?

by: trrdtfyguhij

when i asked who was cuter between joe n taylor lotz of ppl said Tay so i thought how many ppl truely even knows taylor lautner? so heres a quiz to see who knows wat :-)

message me ur score :-)

  1. 1

    when was taylor born

  2. 2

    wats taylors middle name?

  3. 3

    wat show did he first act on

  4. 4

    random question: when did he first study karate?

  5. 5

    another random question: when did he become a black belt

  6. 6

    where was taylor born

  7. 7

    wats taylors sisters name

  8. 8

    wat type of dog does taylor have n wats its name

  9. 9

    wat sport did taylor play in high school n wat grade

  10. 10

    last question: wat school does taylor lautner curently go to n wat grade?

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