How Well do U Know The Weasleys?

How Well do U Know The Weasleys?

by: SammyXDraco

Questions about what happen tto the Weasleys through all the Harry Potter books.

  1. 1

    1st Harry Potter what Weasley Meets Harry First (Think Hard)

  2. 2

    1st book what Weasley wanted to See Harry?

  3. 3

    2nd Book Which Weasley Gets trapped in the Chamber of Secrets

  4. 4

    3rd Book who escapes from azcaban? (i Cant Spell)

  5. 5

    4th book Who Is jelous of Harry/

  6. 6

    4th book Who sees The dark Lord come back?

  7. 7

    5th book Who is controlling Harry's Mind

  8. 8

    6th Book What Weasley Kisses Harry

  9. 9

    Deathly Hallows What Weasley Dies (Me: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO)

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