Blue October- the lyrics quiz!

by: sabulous

Do you really know Blue October's songs?

  1. 1

    Which song are these lyrics from- 'I'm between the moon and where you are / I know I can't be far'

  2. 2

    Same as above- 'And would it really kill you if you would try to have a good time / instead of screwin' up mine like you usually do?'

  3. 3

    'I'm cold as cold as cold can be... be'

  4. 4

    'I paint to kill the dead saints / I paint to make it clear / My colors run in blue and grey / but they give hope to someone dear'

  5. 5

    'And I've got this post-traumatic thing / I've got this tattoo of a ring / that lies around my wedding finger / And that's where i wanna stake this claim / Before I go and get myself in love'

  6. 6

    'He loves the winter but it smells too much like memories / The ornament she gave him still hangs from his christmas tree / A jingle bell will glisten / That's when she loved to kiss him'

  7. 7

    Now, what word belongs in the blank? 'And this candle doesn't have a ____'

  8. 8

    'But I can't seem to ___ away / feeling tall, small, sick of it all'

  9. 9

    'Blue Sunshine, I"ve got no ___'

  10. 10

    'And if your right, then who am I? / Well, I'm simply just that __ that you slipped within my brandy!'

  11. 11

    'But somehow I sleep, I dream, I mean, I dreampt of ____'

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