who will you marry?

by: cutiepie2324

for those readers who know my story from visiting quizzila.com dont worry i'm just trying to add new readers by adding it here. anyway and for my new readers who dont know about quizzila welcome and i hope you enjoy my story. Your name is ashanti .You look however you look, this quiz is about you and your mysterious past.you live by yourself in your huge mansion and your 18.

  1. 1

    before i start plz read the memo

  2. 2

    okay its a full moon tonite and your walking home from work and you hear footsteps behind you

  3. 3

    you stop and turn around and you see nothing. so you start walking faster and then you hear footsteps again so you start to run

  4. 4

    then you stop to take a breath and you hear somone in your ear say" hello my dear. then you turn around and see a tall guy slight build with black hair and pale complexion and gleaming white fangs

  5. 5

    then he grabs your arm and pulls you close to him and sniffs your neck and is about to bite you when you hear another voice say "anthony stop!!!! let her go

  6. 6

    then anthony smiles and you feel his fangs pierce your skin before you blackout

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