are you a true fan of ouran high school host club

are you a true fan of ouran high school host club

by: sumflipkid

this is for all the ouran high fanatics out there this is really hard i soo i tried to make it

  1. 1

    who is the president of the host club

  2. 2

    What is Hunni's full name

  3. 3

    which twin learns to ride the carriage at the end

  4. 4

    who is the hypotensive evil lord (grouchy riser)

  5. 5

    what is the begining theme song

  6. 6

    what do the light bulb symbolize

  7. 7

    who are the third year membesr of the host club

  8. 8

    how many siblings does kyoya have

  9. 9

    what did tamaki grow in haruhi's closet

  10. 10

    why did the twins fight

  11. 11

    what personal item did the host club auctioned off to make haruhi upset

  12. 12

    who is a kendo master

  13. 13

    who is a member of the zuka club

  14. 14

    what school is the zuka club from

  15. 15

    what is renge to the ouran host club

  16. 16

    what did kyoya compare "passing his fathers expectations" to?

  17. 17

    why is haruhi's hair short

  18. 18

    what did mori put in hunnys mouth to test if his toothache still hurts

  19. 19

    what does yusachica think of hunni

  20. 20

    how many members are in the otori private police force

  21. 21

    what was haruhi to the host club before she became a host

  22. 22

    what would be the best way to bribe haruhi to get her to do something

  23. 23

    who tried to scare haruhi with a sharp harpoon

  24. 24

    tamaki taught a little boy how to play a song on the piano for the girl he likes, what song was it ?

  25. 25

    what game do the twins like to play

  26. 26

    what do the cast of ouran high school host club keep slipping on

  27. 27

    who is the owner of the frowny stuff teddy bear

  28. 28

    who say's that they hate tamaki's grandmother

  29. 29

    true or false: kyoya's sister is older then him but younger than the two other brothers

  30. 30

    what did kyoya help out the old lady with at the market expo

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