so you think you now twilight

by: InTheShadowOfABlueMoon

find out how much you really now!

  1. 1

    what is the first chapter in twilight?

  2. 2

    the cullens from oldest to youngest(as in when they were turned!)

  3. 3

    when is the first time Edward touches Bella?

  4. 4

    in what chapter do we first meet Jacob?

  5. 5

    how old is edward really?

  6. 6

    what does Bella say is her faveriote color?

  7. 7

    what does Bella say her favriote gemstone is?

  8. 8

    who is the oldest cullen(not who was turned first but who was the oldest when they were turned!)

  9. 9

    who does Bella say Esme reminds her of ?(when they first meet)

  10. 10

    including the epilouge,how many chapters are in twilight?

  11. 11

    when does Edward say,"yeah like i havnt heard that before!"?

  12. 12

    whats more fun then an irritated grizzly?

  13. 13

    who said,"Its the safest time of day for us,the easiest time,but also the saddest,in a way,the end of another dy and the return of the night. darkness is so predictable dont you think?"?

  14. 14

    which way does Bella's bedroom face?

  15. 15

    what beach do Bella and her friends go to?

  16. 16

    where did Edward and Bella go instead of seattle?

  17. 17

    who did Bella compare Alice to?

  18. 18

    "About three things i was absolutely posotive,first...

  19. 19

    what car does Edward drive to alaska?(after Bella's first day)

  20. 20

    and last but not least!drum roll many books are in the twilight saga?

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