Making him mines part3

Making him mines part3

by: aliviyah

ok u and bradlee were 2 gether 2 weeks but then he cheats on u with vekah,and u break up with him,but, then vekahs boyfriend kyle wants a new girl that he won't regret but kyles so picky u never now if he's into u or just fooling u,he's been with erika,marima,sapphire and vekah but there all has been girls!!will u be a has been?or a hasn't even been? lets see if u can get kyle or lose another making him mine!! goodluck!!!

  1. 1

    ur having a math test in 2minutes and kyle says:psst hey_____(ur name) can i cheat off ur paper on this quiz?!

  2. 2

    u see kyles brother rick and chad they ask u if u like kyle wat would u say?

  3. 3

    u here popular girls and kyle getting ready to prank ur best friend___(her/his name )wat do u do!!?

  4. 4

    kyle askes u if he can get some of ur ez recepies for cooking class wat do u say?

  5. 5

    u see kyle kissing his use to be giel friend wat do u do?!!

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