What Movie Are You?

What Movie Are You?

by: The_Galway_Girl

This is a special quiz; it's my 70th! :) So, anyways the title is pretty self-explanatory. Please don't leave any rude comments on this if you don't get the exact movie you want. And, NO, Camp Rock and Hannah Montana the Movie aren't on here. Neither are any other recent Disney movies. Just classics. OK, enjoy!
(Thanks to imdb.com for plots on movies.)

  1. 1

    Pick One:

  2. 2

    In a Horror Movie, Which Character Are You?

  3. 3

    Pick One:

  4. 4

    What do You do on Saturdays?

  5. 5

    Pick a Color:

  6. 6

    What do You Like to Eat/Drink?

  7. 7

    Your Main Goal in Life is to:

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