Can you survive zombies

Can you survive zombies

by: plsberrydohboy

can you survive a zombie out break?

*thats me shooting ar-15 with eo-tech sites

  1. 1

    You hear on the news about mass murders in your local area what do you do first?

  2. 2

    ok so now you know there are zombies and they are world wide, few survivors what now?

  3. 3

    ok so now you are holed up where ever you decided to go well you need supplies so?

  4. 4

    ok so you got supplies for about a month and guns for evreyone in your group but secerity is a problem and once and a while zombies are getting in and more keep coming so you

  5. 5

    one of your teamates is bitten on the arm what now punk!

  6. 6

    ok you were sleeping and when you wake up find yourself surrounded by about 20 zombies closing in out in the open are you going to die

  7. 7

    ok you got out of that mess but now youve been out for about 9 months now you need to think longterm

  8. 8

    ok you made it wherever you wnated to get too but is staying alive worth all this terror and hard work?

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