Making him mines part 2

Making him mines part 2

by: aliviyah

ok so the thing is if u and alex were together theres some bad news he and u broke up after 3 weeks,he didn't like ur atitude and u shore didn't like it when he went with katie to the second week of school class party as his date,and now u katie, alex and ron don't talk at all.but if u didn't get alex good news theres a new guy on the block named bradlee,hes fun exciting but theres a twist,he and his ex-just broke up and if u can't trick him 2 be with u then he's going back with his ex- goodluck

  1. 1

    Hi there______(ur name) wat do u say 2 him?

  2. 2

    Its lunch time the popular girls have taken ur area and bradlee is stairing at u wat do u do?

  3. 3

    bradlee's use to be girlfriend comes up 2 u and says"are u with bradlee"?u say?

  4. 4

    bradlee throws a paper at u and u ignore him but then he throws another so u?

  5. 5

    the teacher gives a project 2 do and u and bradlee are paired up so u?

  6. 6

    alex and bradlee are seen talking and bradlee comes in social syudies class 10minutes late and then he askes u out u think?

  7. 7

    u and bradlee go on a date and u wear ur best outfit rate ur self from 5 2 8!!

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