Making him mine the personality quiz!!!

Making him mine the personality quiz!!!

by: aliviyah

todays the last day of summer and your really angry schools about 2 start and its ur 2nd year of middle school now(8th grader).your hanging with your three friends katie,ron and alex.the thing is you've been crushing on alex since the 2nd grade but every time you try 2 tell him some thing mysteriously comes you made a vow to let nothing get in ur way this time...but will u be able to make him yours? just answer these q? and see

  1. 1

    would u ever tell a guy ur crushing on hime if he's 1 of ur friends?

  2. 2

    would u ever date a guy with a girls name?(u now like alex as is a gilr or guy alex)

  3. 3

    pic a friend thats close 2 ur personality

  4. 4

    would u and ur crush ever speak 2 each other

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