by: InTheShadowOfABlueMoon

match the song to the lyrics!

  1. 1

    when you walked through the door it was clear to me your the one they adore who they came to see....

  2. 2

    we're drivin slow through the snow on 5th avanue and right now radio's all that we can hear....

  3. 3

    to be hurt to feel lost to be left out in the dark,to be kicked when your down to feel like you've been....

  4. 4

    in my field of paper flowers and candy clouds of lullaby,i lye inside my mind for hours and watch my purple sky fly over me...

  5. 5

    state the obvious i didnt get my perfect fantasy...

  6. 6

    this guy hear wants to go to fast sees my future as havin a past well i dont think so...

  7. 7

    will you still call me superman,if im alive and well will you be their holdin my hand...

  8. 8

    baby baby when we first met i never felt somthing so strong you were like my lover and my best friend all wrapped in one with a ribbion on it...

  9. 9

    one hot angel one cool devil yor mind in the fantasy livin on ecstasy

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