Its A Twilight Story(all jacob)43

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WARNING:Thx to some pervrtd ppl @ mii skool whoz azzes i literally had 2 kik jus 2 get them away 4rm me las yr i now hava semi-pervrtd mind.we actually not evn semi but still.i tried 2 make it as clean as possible but i tried.Wuzzup pplz!i got bak 4rm mii trip monday n ive been chillin' evr since.itz 4:47 here n im a lil sleepy rite na.plz comnt n r8!hope u enjoy!:)
shoutoutz 2 shae',tay,ray,cha-cha,kyla,Jasper101,n uda plz who'z name i cnt think uf rite na cuz im 1/2 sleep.LOLZ!:)

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