Father's Catechism Quiz

by: Frbb

Could you pass a test that Fr. Brian might give if he were your teacher?

Take this quiz and find out.

Good Luck and God Bless you.

  1. 1

    On what day do we celebrate the mystery of the Incarnation?

  2. 2

    Which of the following days is not considered a "Holy Day of Obligation"?

  3. 3

    What is the vestment called that a priest wheres over his alb and stole at mass?

  4. 4

    Which sacrament is the source and summit of our faith?

  5. 5

    Joseph Ratzinger is today better known as ...

  6. 6

    Prudence, Justice, Temperence, and Fortitude are known as ...

  7. 7

    We say in our Creed, the Church is "One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic" What are those terms known as?

  8. 8

    How many gods do we, as Christians believe in?

  9. 9

    The Immaculate Conception celebrates the mystery of ...

  10. 10

    What is the proper reverence due the blessed sacrament when we receive Holy Communion?

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