Who will you marry?(part 15)

by: cutiepie2324

for those keeping count the only 2 guys who the princess hasn't kissed is jhonny and shane. anyway to recap shane comforts you and tells you that the guys were worried about you and then is about to give you your necklace but your headache returns and your about to attack shane when you are lifted into the air by a strong pair of hands.let us find out who this mystery guy is.

  1. 1

    you look up into the tree to find out who it is that is holding you and you see jhonny and and smile sweetly and give him the puppy eyes and say would you mind letting me go jhonny

  2. 2

    then jhonny looks at you with those huge cute green eyes sadly and says no can do love, i dont want you to hurt yourself or anyone else.and then you then you start to squirm again trying to get away

  3. 3

    jhonny says nothing and just holds you tighter and then shane makes his hands glow again and walks up to you and looks you in the eyes and whispers im sorry my little queen and gently touches your

  4. 4

    close your eyes and then all the sudden the pain is gone except for the pain of your burnt and bleeding skin and you try to reach out for your powers inside of you but you feel a barrier between

  5. 5

    you open your eyes and shane looks at you and ask are you feeling any better looking in your eyeswhich are back to normal and you smile and say yea, but i cant feel my powers and he says that because

  6. 6

    just like i did when you were a baby.and then you rember what anthony told you the night before about bringing you to elves.and then you ask shane are you really a prince and then he thinks for a

  7. 7

    your about to ask what he means by that and he stops you with a finger to lips and then says i will explain later, but right now you need your necklace back on and your skin looks like your skin is

  8. 8

    then you say okay smiling and then he says jhonny it okay you can let her go now and then jhonny says okay and lowers you to the ground gently and then leaps off the tree branch and lands neatly right

  9. 9

    shane pulls your necklace out of his pocket and puts it around your neck and murmurs a few words and the two ends of the necklace come together and you feel complete and more at peace

  10. 10

    then he says now we need to take care of of your burned skin and i'll remove that temporary barrier are you ready it will hurt a bit.and you look unsure and jhonny says i'll hold your hand if it will

  11. 11

    you smile and kiss him on the cheek and say thank you jhonny and hold his hand tight and you okay im ready shane and shane touches your head with his glowing hand and you squeeze jhonny hand tighter

  12. 12

    then all the sudden all your pain is gone and the barrier is gone but you feel as if all your energy is gone and you start to fall and shane catches you in his arms

  13. 13

    he says sorry about that i forget to mention how much energy healing takes out of you. and then you smile up at him and say no kidding,and he says but dont worry i'll carry you home and you nod to

  14. 14

    you nearly fall asleep in his arms as he and jhonny walk back to the house and shane carrys you ino the house and up to your room and lays you in your bed and goes to leave your room but you grab his

  15. 15

    please stay im scared i dont want to sleep alone tonite.okay he says laying on the bed next to you as you kiss him lightly on the lips whispering thank you before snuggling closer to him laying

  16. 16

    he blushes and smiles gently touching your cheek and says your very welcome miss ashanti now time to sleep.and he continues to hold you as you fall into a dreamless sleep

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