Freeze time with me [9] ( A Edward Cullen story)

Freeze time with me [9] ( A Edward Cullen story)

by: _Summer_Rain080 | View Questions

Aloha! :] I'm soo glad you guys like these storiessss xD Sorry it's been a couple of days,i've been on to check my e-mail and read quizzes but I haven't had time to write cause my lil bro has been sick,and i've had to help with him,ANYWAYS! Here's the 9th one chickas,if you haven't read the other,umm...8,DEW EET ! :DD Cause...this won't make sense lol. Anyways,5 comments please..for the next one,and comment anyways I LUV em xD Thanks for all the support and..
Enjoy ! :]] ^.^ <3

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